Pennsylvania Lemon Law For Used Cars

Pennsylvanias Automobile Lemon Law is designed to protect Pennsylvania consumers from unsafe and defective new cars. The Pennsylvania Lemon Law applies to any new vehicle purchased and registered in Pennsylvania for personal or family use and designed to transport up to 15 persons.

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Use our state Lemon Law guides to find out how to keep good records notify the manufacturer that the vehicle is flawed file a Lemon Law complaint and receive restitution.

Pennsylvania lemon law for used cars. Pennsylvania Lemon Law Pennsylvanias automobile lemon law is designed to protect you from being financially burdened by a dud vehicle. However those in Pennsylvania or Maryland seeking relief can. Motorcycles motorhomes and off-road vehicles are not included.

The law only covers problems within a certain time period. If a dealer misrepresents a vehicle at the time of sale you may also be covered under the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices Act. The Pennsylvania Automobile Lemon Law applies to any new vehicle purchased or leased and registered in Pennsylvania or purchased or leased elsewhere and registered for the first time in the commonwealth for personal family or household use including a vehicle used by a manufacturer or dealer as a demonstrator or dealer vehicle prior to its.

Vehicles purchased or leased in Pennsylvania used primarily for personal family or household purposes. Fortunately however you may be able to bring a lemon law -type claim if you have purchased a used vehicle that still had some of the original manufacturers warranty on it at the time of its purchase. How Pennsylvania Defines What a Lemon Car Is.

The Pennsylvania Lemon Law does not cover used cars. The vehicle has to be used for household personal or family reasons. Fortunately there are other laws in Pennsylvania that protect consumers who purchase used vehicles in the state.

Review the changes to the PA Lemon Law. Under the law the car must have a substantial defect that decreases the cars resale value makes the car unsafe to drive or impacts the normal functions of the vehicle. By using the easy-to-follow tips below you will.

The first such law is called the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. Philadelphia however offers a lemon law covering used cars sold within the city limits. PA Lemon Law Summary.

Used cars are not covered. A person in the business of buying selling or exchanging vehicles. Pennsylvania does not currently have a specific used car lemon law at this time.

Customers who find themselves defrauded by used car dealers are often surprised to learn that Pennsylvanias lemon law doesnt actually cover defective vehicles if those vehicles qualify as used. The vehicle is used primarily for family or. The vehicle has received 3 or more repair attempts to the same and substantially related issue or the vehicle has been out of service for more than 30 calendar days.

Pennsylvania has a statewide lemon law but it only applies to new cars. Upon the cars return the dealer has 10 days to either fix the defect or refund. This Act is sometimes referred to as the Federal Lemon Law.

Used cars are only covered under the auto Lemon Law in PA if the car has a lemon title that wasnt disclosed by the dealer prior to purchase. Pennsylvania and Maryland do not currently offer any consumer protection against used vehicles purchased in their state new vehicles are covered under Maryland and Pennsylvania lemon law. Lemon Law statutes and expert information from Kimmel Silverman helping drivers in PA NJ and Northeast since 1991.

While lemon law specifics can vary from state to state the Pennsylvania Lemon Law applies to most new cars purchased leased either in or out of the state and registered in Pennsylvania. It is important to note that only new motor vehicles are covered under Pennsylvania lemon laws. Whether youre buying a used car for yourself or looking to supply your children with their first set of wheels it is a very different process than buying a new vehicle which is protected by Pennsylvanias Lemon Law.

There is a lemon law for used cars. As of 2002 lessees of new vehicles that leased or purchased the vehicle for personal family or household uses also qualify for. The Pennsylvania Lemon Law does not cover Used CarsHowever there are other laws such as the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act that provide protection for the purchase of a used defective carIf your used car is defective our firm can help you get money back using the The Magnuson Moss Warranty.

If your used car is defective our firm can help you get money back using the The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. This is a summary of the Pennsylvania Lemon Law Statute. The vehicle must be used for personal family or household purposes.

Fortunately there are several other laws that can protect you if you have purchased a defective used vehicle. Well tell you exactly what your states laws say regarding what qualifies as a lemon how long you have to file a claim and what the burden of proof is. Pennsylvanias Used Car Fraud Law.

Pennsylvania law defines a lemon as any new or leased car truck van or SUV that meets all of the following criteria. Commercial vehicles motorcycles motor homes and off-road vehicles are not. This law gives the buyer 72 hours to return the car for any repairs needed to make a car roadworthy.

Dealer or motor vehicle dealer. The Federal Lemon Law Statute or Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act can be found here. Leased and purchased new vehicles are under the coverage limits for Pennsylvanias Automobile Lemon Law.

The particulars of the used car lemon law are different in various states but all cars are covered under the federal lemon lawBasically if you purchased a used vehicle with a manufacturers warranty and it spends more time at the dealership getting repairs than it does on the road then you probably have a lemon. To be defined as a lemon car in Pennsylvania the vehicle must. PA LEMON LAW EXPANDS TO INCLUDE LEMON BUYBACKS AND LEASED CARS.

However there are other laws such as the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act that provide protection for the purchase of a used defective car. Repair Attempts or Days out of Service. The Pennsylvania Lemon Law does not cover Used Cars.

Pennsylvania Lemon Law 1952. Be designed to transport no more than 15 persons. In Pennsylvania a vehicle including cars and passenger trucks may qualify as a lemon if a defect or condition that substantially impairs the use value or safety of the vehicle is reported to a dealer within the first 12 months or 12000 miles whichever comes first and the vehicle requires more than three repair attempts to repair the defect or condition.

The following words and phrases when used in this act shall have the meanings given to them in this section unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. Get free legal help for your lemon vehicle by calling 1 800 536 6652. Under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law the manufacturer must at no cost to the purchaser repair or correct any defect.

For protections to apply under Pennsylvanias Lemon Law the vehicle must either have been purchased and registered in the state or purchased elsewhere but registered first in Pennsylvania. Off-road vehicles motor homes commercial cars and trucks and motorcycles are not covered by the lemon law. Be driven on public roads streets or highways.

The Automobile Lemon Law applies to the PURCHASE or LEASE of new vehicles that are registered in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Used Car Lemon Law Attorney PA Used Vehicle. Along with the inclusion of leased cars under the PA Lemon Law the Pennsylvania Lemon Law effective December 1 2002 requires all Pennsylvania dealers to disclose if a used car had been repurchased as a lemon buyback.

If you suspect you may have been sold a lemon regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional make sure you understand what the law covers before threatening the seller or manufacturer with legal action.

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