22+ Codeigniter Get Image Name Gif

22+ Codeigniter Get Image Name
. So, try this one also and get used to build web applications with codeigniter! For example if i upload the file foo.png how can i get the string foo.png in the upload controller?

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'post_date' => time(), 'post_image' => $upload_data'file_name' i write the code to show dynamically image but i have different size of image how can i show the images. You can get all the available preferences from create the uploads/images/ directory to storing the uploaded images. How to upload images using codeigniter 3 and save them into mysql database.

If so, this article is for you!

Codeigniter codeigniter 3 php post ajax. Here you will learn how to upload files/images in codeigniter 4 framework with validation. You can also get instruction from here: Please feel free to ask questions.